Vacutron® Suction Regulators and Accessories

Chemetron has been a leader in suction regulators for more than 40 years. The Vacutron line offers safety and performance features unlike any other regulator on the market.

Vacutron provides four distinct advantages over other suction regulators

Superior Patient Safety

Vacutron suction regulators have a secondary internal vacuum relief valve.This valve ensures that under no circumstance, i.e. component failure, can the vacuum pressure delivered to the patient exceed a pre-set safe level so the patient is not inadvertently exposed to the full line vacuum pressure.

Simple and Inexpensive Sterilization

In the unlikely event the Vacutron becomes contaminated with aspirated material, the regulator can be sterilized by flushing it with common isopropyl alcohol.

Model-Specific Labeling

Each Vacutron suction regulator has a color-coded label on the front of the product to enable the clinician to quickly and easily identify which type of regulator is connected.

Standard Glow-in-the-Dark Gauge

Allied’s Vacutron suction regulator comes standard with a glow-in-the-dark gauge and needle.

ChemetronOxequip Med*StarOhmedaPuritan Bennett1/8" NPT FemaleDISS FemaleDISS HandtightModel Description
22-13-110822-13-110422-13-110622-13-110522-13-110022-13-110722-13-1111Continuous with DISS Male
22-13-120822-13-120422-13-120622-13-120522-13-120022-13-120722-13-1211Continuous with Metal Barbed Stem
22-13-140822-13-140422-13-140622-13-140522-13-140022-13-140722-13-1411Continuous with 45° DISS Male
22-13-150822-13-150422-13-150622-13-150522-13-150022-13-150722-13-1511Continuous with Bacteria Filter to Barb Stem
22-12-110822-12-110422-12-110622-12-110522-12-110022-12-110722-12-1111Surgical with DISS Male
22-12-120822-12-120422-12-120622-12-120522-12-120022-12-120722-12-1211Surgical with Metal Barbed Stem
22-12-140822-12-140422-12-140622-12-140522-12-140022-12-140722-12-1411Surgical with 45° DISS Male
22-12-150822-12-150422-12-150622-12-150522-12-150022-12-150722-12-1511Surgical with Bacteria Filter to Barb Stem
22-14-110822-14-110422-14-110622-14-110522-14-110022-14-110722-14-1111High Vacuum with DISS Male
22-14-120822-14-120422-14-120622-14-120522-14-120022-14-120722-14-1211High Vacuum with Metal Barbed Stem
22-14-140822-14-140422-14-140622-14-140522-14-140022-14-140722-14-1411High Vacuum with 45° DISS Male
22-14-150822-14-150422-14-150622-14-150522-14-150022-14-150722-14-1511High Vacuum with Bacteria Filter to Barb Stem
22-18-110822-18-110422-18-110622-18-110522-18-110022-18-110722-18-1111Pediatric Continuous with DISS Male
22-18-120822-18-120422-18-1206 22-18-120522-18-120022-18-120722-18-1211Pediatric Continuous with Metal Barbed Stem
22-18-140822-18-140422-18-140622-18-140522-18-140022-18-140722-18-1411Pediatric Continuous with 45° DISS Male
22-18-150822-18-150422-18-150622-18-150522-18-150022-18-150722-18-1511Pediatric Continuous with Bacteria Filter to Barb Stem
22-19-110822-19-110422-19-110622-19-110522-19-110022-19-110722-19-1111Low Vacuum with DISS Male
22-19-120822-19-120422-19-120622-19-120522-19-120022-19-120722-19-1211Low Vacuum with Metal Barbed Stem
22-19-140822-19-140422-19-140622-19-140522-19-140022-19-140722-19-1411Low Vacuum with 45° DISS Male
22-19-150822-19-150422-19-150622-19-150522-19-150022-19-150722-19-1511Low Vacuum with Bacteria Filter to Barb Stem
22-15-110822-15-110422-15-110622-15-110522-15-110022-15-110722-15-1111Continuous/Intermittent with DISS Male
22-15-120822-15-120422-15-120622-15-120522-15-120022-15-120722-15-1211Continuous/Intermittent with Metal Barbed Stem
22-15-140822-15-140422-15-140622-15-140522-15-140022-15-140722-15-1411Continuous/Intermittent with 45° DISS Male
22-15-150822-15-150422-15-150622-15-150522-15-150022-15-150722-15-1511Continuous/Intermittent with Bacteria Filter to Barb Stem
22-17-110822-17-110422-17-110622-17-110522-17-110022-17-110722-17-1111Pediatric Continuous/Intermittent with DISS Male
22-17-120822-17-120422-17-120622-17-120522-17-120022-17-120722-17-1211Pediatric Continuous/Intermittent with Metal Barbed Stem
22-17-141122-17-140722-17-140022-17-140522-17-140622-17-140422-17-1408Pediatric Continuous/Intermittent with 45° DISS Male
22-17-150822-17-150422-17-150622-17-150522-17-150022-17-150722-17-1511Pediatric Continuous/Intermittent with Bacteria Filter to Barb Stem
22-16-110822-16-110422-16-110622-16-110522-16-110022-16-110722-16-1111Intermittent with DISS Male
22-16-121122-16-120722-16-120022-16-120522-16-120622-16-120422-16-1208Intermittent with Metal Barbed Stem
22-16-140822-16-140422-16-140622-16-140522-16-140022-16-140722-16-1411Intermittent with 45° DISS Male
22-16-150822-16-150422-16-150622-16-150522-16-150022-16-150722-16-1511Intermittent with Bacteria Filter to Barb Stem

Accessories - Suction Regulator

01-90-3100Disposable Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter, 1/8" NPT x 1/4" hose barb, 3/pkg3
01-90-3928Disposable Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter, 1/4" hose barb x 1/4" hose barb, 3/pkg.3

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