LSP L670 Disposable Manual Resuscitator

L670 Disposable Manual Resuscitators are latex-free, single patient use systems for manual resuscitation. These resuscitators feature a unique bag made from thermoplastic rubber bag which provides a superior grip and improved heat resistance compared to other bag materials. The design of the bag gives first responders a superb “feel” of the patient’s respiratory response. Manometers and PEEP valves can be quickly and easily attached for enhanced monitoring and resuscitation.

When connected to a metered low flow (15-20 lpm) oxygen source via the integrated DISS/barbed connector, the L670 resuscitator delivers FiO2 concentrations between 73% and 97%. When used with an L471 bag refill valve, it delivers 100% oxygen.

Child and infant bags are available with a pressure relief valve, which activates at 45 cm H2O and can be over-ridden by the operator.

L670 disposable manual resuscitators come six per case, and each comes packaged in a compact, tamper-proof bag for easy storage and disposal.

Bag Volume

Adult: 1488 ml
Child: 665 ml
Infant: 258 ml

Patient Valve Dead Space

7.8 ml (not including mask)

Patient Connection

22 mm outside diameter
15 mm inside diameter

PEEP Connection

30 mm outside diameter

Operating Temperature

-30°F to 125°F
(-34°C to 52°C)

Storage Temperature

-40°F to 160°F
(-40°C to 71°C)


Bag: Thermoplastic rubber
Mask: Alpha PVC 3006-95
Deflector: HDPE
Valve and Oxygen Enrichment Ports: Phillips 66 KR03

L670 Disposable Manual Resuscitator

PARTDescriptionDisposable Cuffed Mask SizeReservoir BagPEEPDisposable Pressure Manometer45 cm H2O Pressure Relief Valve
L670-040Adult L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 5Yes
L670-040MAdult L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 5YesYes
L670-040PAdult L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 5YesYes
L670-050Adult L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorYes
L670-060Adult L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 5Yes
L670-100Child L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 2YesYes
L670-100MChild L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 2YesYesYes
L670-101Child L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorYes
L670-110Child L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorYesYes
L670-111Child L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorYes
L670-120Child L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 2YesYes
L670-200Infant L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 1Yes
L670-200MInfant L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 1YesYes
L670-202Infant L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSizes 1 & 0YesYes
L670-210Infant L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorYesYes
L670-220Infant L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSize 1YesYes
L670-222Infant L670 Disposable Manual ResuscitatorSizes 1 & 0YesYes
890060Disposable Manometer, 12/case
LPEEPDisposable PEEP Valve with adapter, 12/case

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