Lif-O-Gen® Emergency Portable Oxygen Kits

Lif-O-Gen emergency oxygen kits from Allied Healthcare provide a simple, safe and effective means of delivering life-saving oxygen in the critical moments between a medical incident and the arrival of medical professionals.

Lif-O-Gen emergency oxygen kits are designed to be installed in office spaces, factories, malls, at swimming pools, or in the home … any place sudden respiratory distress may occur. These kits can be deployed in seconds by a co-worker, family member, or even by the victim of the emergency.

Lif-O-Gen® Automated
Wall Mount Emergency Oxygen Kit with Refillable Cylinder

When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters. In those critical seconds it is crucial to have the simplest and quickest method of oxygen deployment possible.
When pulled from its cradle, the Lif-O-Gen automated system will immediately begin to deliver 6 lpm oxygen USP through the integrated mask and tubing. Oxygen will continue to be delivered for up to 45 minutes. Simply place the unit back in the cradle to stop the flow of oxygen, or alternatively, insert the attached regulator pin.

The unit can be re-used until depleted with only a replacement of the mask train. The tank can be re-used or refilled when depleted.

Lif-O-Gen® Disposable
Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit with Disposable Cylinders

The Lif-O-Gen disposable oxygen kits provide the same immediate access to life saving oxygen, but feature disposable cylinders that eliminate the need for refilling tanks.
When a cylinder is depleted, it can simply be disposed of in regular waste per your local guidelines and replaced with a new cylinder. The system comes in two configurations, the 15 minute single cylinder kit, and the 30-minute twin pac, which contains two 15-minute disposable oxygen cylinders in a high-impact resistant case.

Refilling is Easy, With Lif-O-Gen®

With both disposable and refillable systems, the choice is yours with Lif-O-Gen.

With the Lif-O-Gen Automated System, getting the tank filled is as easy as calling your local gas distributor.
Lif-O-Gen Disposable Refills are even easier. Once a tank is used, just dispose of it per yourlocal guidelines and purchase a replacement tank (31-01-0510) from your Lif-O-Gen distributor.

Lif-O-Gen Automated Wall Mount Emergency Oxygen
  1. Completely automated deployment
  2. Refillable oxygen cylinder
  3. Up to 45 minutes of continuous treatment
  4. Integrated flow indicator
Lif-O-Gen Disposable Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit
  1. Convenient disposable oxygen cylinders
  2. Lightweight and portable
  3. Up to 30 minutes of treatment

Lif-O-Gen® Automated
Simply Pull the unit from the wall and oxygen will automatically begin flowing

Lif-O-Gen® Disposable
15 minute kit: Thread the regulator onto the cylinder to initiate the flow of oxygen
30 minute kit: Thread the regulator onto the cylinder and press the metal button to initiate the flow of oxygen

Flow Rate

Lif-O-Gen® Automated
6 liters per minute

Lif-O-Gen® Disposable
6 liters per minute


Lif-O-Gen® Automated
45 minutes from one refillable cylinder

Lif-O-Gen® Disposable
15 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on model


Lif-O-Gen® Automated
Sturdy aluminum wall mount cradle secures delivery system and mask assembly

Lif-O-Gen® Disposable
Plastic case with handle and wall hook

Lif-O-Gen® Emergency Portable Oxygen Kits

31-01-060045-minute Refillable Emergency Oxygen Kit: one refillable oxygen cylinder, oxygen regulator, mask & tubing, wall mount cradle, 45 minutes of medical oxygen USP
31-01-055530-minute Disposable Emergency Oxygen Kit: two disposable oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulator, mask & tubing, carry case, 30 minutes of medical oxygen USP
31-01-050015-minute Disposable Emergency Oxygen Kit: one disposable oxygen cylinder, oxygen regulator, mask and tubing, 15 minutes of medical oxygen USP
Tank RefillTo have a depleted Lif-O-Gen automated tank refilled, call 800-411-5136
31-01-0610Spare Oxygen Delivery Assembly, without cradle, for immediate replacement of a depleted unit
31-01-0510Replacement Oxygen Cylinder for 31-01-0500 and 31-01-0555; 15 minutes of medical oxygen USP
31-01-0900Wall Mount Emergency Oxygen Cabinet with Alarm
31-01-0910Wall Mount Emergency Oxygen/AED Cabinet with Alarm
31-80-0420Lif-O-Gen Disposable Replacement Oxygen Regulator, 6 lpm fixed flow, with contents gauge, for use with 31-01-0500
31-80-0505Lif-O-Gen Disposable Replacement Oxygen Regulator, 6 lpm fixed flow, with contents gauge, push-button type, for use with 31-01-0555
31-80-2058Replacement Carry Case for Disposable Twin Pac 31-01-0555
31-01-0100Replacement mask assembly and tubing for all Lif-O-Gen kits

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