IMPACT® Alarm System Combination Alarm Panels

IMPACT® combination alarm panels shall be designed to meet the requirements of NFPA and CSA standards. Alarms shall be UL listed and ULC approved as an assembly and shall include all necessary displays, factory wiring, transformers and circuitry, requiring only 115 volt or 230 VAC primary power.

Key Features
  • Great for Level 2 and Level 3 facilities that are not required to have the full complement of individual master and area alarms
  • Complies with NFPA99
  • Can monitor all source equipment and line pressures
  • Use to monitor satellite facilities from a central location
  • Communicates with available PC-based alarm monitor software. (Software and Interface Module sold separately.)
  • UL listed and ULC approved
  • Patent pending

3-Module Combination Alarm Panels

74-15-7561 Dual Display Module, 1 10-signal Switch Input Module, 1 8-transducer Module
74-15-7621 Dual Display Module, 1 8-transducer Module, 1 Future
74-15-7762 Dual Display Modules, 1 8-transducer Module
74-15-7521 Dual Display Module, 1 10-signal Switch Input Module, 1 Future
74-15-7752 Dual Display Modules, 1 10-signal Switch Input Module

6-Module Combination Alarm Panels

74-15-3345222 Pressure Modules, 1 Vacuum Module, 1 10-signal Switch Input Module, 2 Future
74-15-3345622 Pressure Modules, 1 Vacuum Module, 1 10-signal Switch Input Module, 1 8- transducer Module, 1 Future
74-15-7775523 Dual Display Modules, 2 10-signal Switch Input Modules, 1 Future
74-15-7777554 Dual Display Modules, 2 10-signal Switch Input Modules
74-15-7776653 Dual Display Modules, 2 8-transducer Modules, 1 10-Signal Switch Input Module

Transducer Ordering Information

74-14-9051Oxygen (Gas Specific)
74-14-9052Vacuum (Gas Specific)
74-14-9053Nitrous Oxide (Gas Specific)
74-14-9054Medical Air (Gas Specific)
74-14-9055Carbon Dioxide (Gas Specific)
74-14-9056Nitrogen (Gas Specific)
74-14-9057WAGD (Gas Specific)

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