Gomco® Gastric Drainage Aspirators

Gomco 6036 and 6037 are mobile aspirators which specialize in gastric drainage for hospitals and clinics. Both models generate up to -250 mm Hg for constant suction and up to -200 mm Hg for intermittent suction, with a 20 lpm and 3-4 lpm respective flow rates at open flow. The Gomco 6036 comes with reusable collection bottle, whereas the Gomco 6037 comes with disposable collection canisters.

Key Features
  • Fully independent constant and intermittent modes; each mode has it’s own collection system (collection unit and suction tubing)
  • Adjustable suction timing allows the clinician to tailor treatment to fit individual patients
  • Easy-to-store and transport compact design with a flat stainless steel top
  • Convenient storage for 6′ electrical cord with hospital-grade plug
  • Disposable hydrophobic bacteria filter helps prevent fluid and aerosol contamination
  • All models come with 2 pkgs. of disposable suction tubing and 2 pkgs. of disposable hydrophobic bacteria filters.

23" W x 17" D x 33" H
(109 x 43 x 84 cm)


62 lbs. (28 kg)

Vacuum Range

Constant: -25 to -250 mm Hg
Intermittent: -25 to -200 mm Hg

Flow Rate

Constant: 20 lpm at open flow
Intermittent: 3-4 lpm at open flow

Pump Type

Oil-less diaphragm

Sound Level

Less than 52 dBA

UL/ETL Listed



1 year

Electrical Cord

6' hospital grade

Cycle Times

ON: 5-90 seconds, adjustable
OFF: 12 seconds, fixed

PARTDESCRIPTIONVoltageGlass BottlePoly BottleDisposable CanisterQTY
01-62-6036Gomco Drainage Aspirator Model 6036115V/60 Hz1 - 600 ml1 - 2800 ml1
01-63-6036Gomco Drainage Aspirator Model 6036220V/50 Hz1 - 600 ml1 - 2800 ml1 - 1100 ml1
01-62-6037Gomco Drainage Aspirator Model 6037115V/60 Hz1 - 2800 ml1 - 1100 ml 1 - 2100 ml1
01-90-2000Disposable Suction Tubing Kit, one 18" & one 72"1
01-90-2454Glass Collection Bottle, with rubber cap, short & long tube assembly, 600 ml1
01-90-3100Disposable Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter, 1/8" NPT x 1/4" hose barb3
01-90-3694Polycarbonate Collection Bottle, with metal cover and cap & float assembly, 2800 ml1
01-90-3695Disposable Collection Canister, stem inlet and hydrophobic bacteria filter, 1100 ml12
01-90-3712Disposable Collection Canister, stem inlet and hydrophobic bacteria filter, 2100 ml10

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