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The Life Support Products series of all-brass body oxygen pressure regulators provides enhanced safety features and a greater number of flow selections for the EMS professional. The uni-body construction is designed to strengthen the regulator, minimize potential leak paths, and prevent breakage of the yoke cylinder connection assembly. For additional safety, inlet filters provide gas filtration down to 20 microns. Standard LSP regulators have a 5-year warranty.

LSP Constant Flow Selector Valves are designed for use with hospital and/or portable oxygen systems where a metered supply of oxygen is required. Unlike standard flow meters and flow gauges, the LSP selector valves have five distinct flow rate settings. These highly accurate selector valves offer repeatable flow rates regardless of orientation or visibility.

Lif-O-Gen emergency oxygen kits from Allied Healthcare provide a simple, safe and effective means of delivering life-saving oxygen in the critical moments between a medical incident and the arrival of medical professionals.

The LSP Minilator is a simple to operate constant flow device which provides oxygen for up to five patients simultaneously.

The LSP Multilator is a compact oxygen distribution system featuring eight LSP Constant Flow Selector Valves for precise delivery of oxygen to as many as nine patients from one cylinder.

Oxygen regulator fires are an unfortunate reality, and the consequences are nothing short of catastrophic. SurgeX®, a safety innovation from Allied, doesn’t just compensate for potential fire- causing problems … it virtually eliminates them. By revolutionizing the standard 870-type post valve, and in conjunction with using a brass regulator, SurgeX is not only the key to complying with the NIOSH oxygen handling guidelines, it’s also the safest portable oxygen system on the market today.

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