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X-Ray Translucent, Rigid, Affordable. The XTRA backboard’s patented design provides the optimal combination of rigidity and x-ray translucence. Other modern backboards have been designed on the basis of x-ray translucence instead of rigidity, at the expense of patient safety.

The Miller Full Body Splint/Litter is a versatile spine immobilization board and Stokes basket-compatible extrication litter. The system comes complete with a full head harness and integrated immobilization straps. This unique harness system with integrated straps is ideal for water rescue as well as any rescue situation where non-integrated straps could become entangled or be lost. An optional head harness allows this same critical immobilization of a helmeted victim.

Removal aluminum back stay allows the LSP Half back to be used as an immobilization device or as a rescue harness. Optional Vertical Lift Strap allows for quick vertical extrication of the patient.

The LSP Infant/Pediatric Immobilization Board is a versatile system capable of easily immobilizing infants and children with spinal injuries, or it can be used as a restraint device. It will accommodate children from infant to approximately 75 pounds (34 kg).

Developed by air rescue professionals, the LSP Cinch Rescue Ring is a patented compact multi-use rescue device designed for safe recovery of victims during helicopter, watercraft, and confined-space rescue situations.

The LIFE+LITE Disposable Emergency Stretcher is used for patient transport in virtually any situation. Constructed of strong corrugated plastic and weighing only 4.5 pounds, the LIFE+LITE can support up to 500 pounds. Because of its construction and low cost, the LIFE+LITE can be easily disposed of, recycled, or cleaned and used again.

LSP Trauma Air Pants anti-shock trousers are designed for emergency care for the victim experiencing hypovolemic shock. They provide complete counter-pressure around the legs and abdomen, combining safety and comfort for the patient.

Essential for any first aid supply, Inflatable Air Splints provide immediate immobilization of injured limbs. Orally-inflated via a screw air valve, the splint could also be used as a self contained tourniquet to stem the flow of blood and promote infection control.

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