EMT Resuscitator

The LSP EMT Resuscitator is today’s most advanced design in oxygen powered manually triggered breathing devices. Designed to deliver 100% oxygen to a breathing or non-breathing patient, the EMT Resuscitator provides emergency care professionals with greater versatility, increased safety and improved performance over existing hand-held devices.

Designed to operate with a regulated oxygen supply of 50±5 psig (344±34 kPa), the EMT Resuscitator immediately terminates both pressure and flow at 60 cm H2O. As a secondary pressure safeguard, if the primary pressure limit is exceeded for any reason, the secondary spring-loaded relief valve is designed to prevent pressure from exceeding 80 cm H2O. The EMT Resuscitator may be attached to a portable pressure-regulated oxygen cylinder or a central oxygen source. It may be used with a mask, endotracheal tube or tracheotomy tube.

Advanced pneumatic technology limits and regulates gas flow to 40 lpm during the manually-triggered breath, but will allow flow rates of up to 115 lpm during a spontaneous breath. Addressing AHA guidelines, the EMT Resuscitator delivers a constant pre-set flow of 40 lpm, reducing the possibility of gastric insufflation during mask ventilation and improving the distribution of gas throughout the lung when ventilating through an endotracheal or tracheotomy tube.

The EMT Resuscitator features built-in anti-asphyxiation ports that allow the patient to breathe outside ambient air in the event of source gas failure. In addition, a 360° swivel oxygen inlet attachment eliminates the problem of line twisting and tangling.

Easy to clean and service

Disassembles into three basic components for cold chemical disinfecting and reassembly.


Provides administration of low flow oxygen and/or oxygen powered resuscitation.

Durable, compact and lightweight

For years of continual cost-effective performance.

Supply Pressure

50±5 psig (344±34 kPa)

Pressure to Initiate a Breath

0 to -2.5 cm H2O

Manually Triggered Flow

40±5 lpm @ 50 psig (344 kPa) supply

Demand Flow

100 lpm @ 0 to -5 cm H2O pressure

Peak Demand Flow

115±10 lpm @ 50 psig (344 kPa) inlet; -5 cm H2O or less to obtain 100 lpm

Pressure Limit

60±5 cm H2O

Secondary Pressure Relief

65-80 cm H2O maximum

Expiratory Resistance

less than 2.5 in. (6.35 cm) H2O @ 160 lpm flow

Anti-Asphyxiation Entrainment

55 lpm minimum @ -5 cm H2O pressure

Storage Temperature

-40° F to 160° F (-40 C to 71.1 C)

Operating Temperature

-30° F to 125° F (-34.4 C to 51.7 C)

Inlet Fitting

Standard male oxygen DISS (swivel)


25 micron wire mesh


22 mm outside diameter x 15 mm inside diamete


Body, cap & button – liquid crystal polymer; outlet – polysulfone; inlet fitting – plated brass

EMT Resuscitator

L576EMT Resuscitator
L576-010EMT Resuscitator with 6' (1.9 m) oxygen hose
L576-020EMT Resuscitator with 6' (1.9 m) oxygen hose, adult cuffed mask
L099-004Adult Cuffed Mask, reusable, size 4
L099-005Adult Cuffed Mask, large, reusable, size 5
L535026Oxygen Hose, 6' (1.9 m), with DISS fittings

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