The Timeter® Sure Grip Oxygen Flowmeters

The Timeter Flowmeter is durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Key Features
  • Nickel-plated solid brass body provides high durability and long life
  • Dual-tapered metering tube provides outstanding accuracy on 0-15 lpm
  • Steel float eliminates sticking caused by static electricity on 0-15 lpm
  • Easier readability on the 0-5 lpm range
  • 5 Year Warranty
Back Fitting15 lpm8 lpm15 lpm with 1 Power Take-off8 lpm with 1 Power Take-off
1/8“ NPT Female15001-0308001-0315001-03P08001-03P
Chemetron® Male15002-0308002-0315002-03P08002-03P
Oxequip® Male15003-0308003-0315003-03P08003-03P
Ohmeda Male15004-0308004-0315004-03P08004-03P
Med*Star™ Male15005-0308005-0315005-03P08005-03P
Puritan Bennett Male15006-0308006-0315006-03P08006-03P
Schrader Male15007-0308007-0315007-03P08007-03P
DISS Female Handtight15008-0308008-0315008-03P08008-03P
DISS Female Hex15009-0308009-0315009-03P08009-03P
DISS Male15010-0308010-0315010-03P08010-03P
Back Fitting15 lpm with Y Bar15 lpm with T Bar15 lpm with T Bar & 1 Power Take-off15 lpm with Y Bar & 1 Power Take-off15 lpm with T Bar & 2 Power Take-offs15 lpm with Y Bar & 2 Power Takeoffs
1/8“ NPT Female15001-03Y15001-03T15001-03TP115001-03YP115001-03TP215001-03YP2
Chemetron® Male15002-03Y15002-03T15002-03TP115002-03YP115002-03TP215002-03YP2
Oxequip® Male15003-03Y15003-03T15003-03TP115003-03YP115003-03TP215003-03YP2
Ohmeda Male15004-03Y15004-03T15004-03TP115004-03YP115004-03TP215004-03YP2
Med*Star™ Male15005-03Y15005-03T15005-03TP115005-03YP115005-03TP215005-03YP2
Puritan Bennett Male15006-03Y15006-03T15006-03TP1 15006-03YP115006-03TP215006-03YP2
Schrader Male15007-03Y15007-03T15007-03TP115007-03YP115007-03TP215007-03YP2
DISS Female Handtight15008-03Y15008-03T15008-03TP115008-03YP115008-03TP215008-03YP2
DISS Female Hex15009-03Y15009-03T15009-03TP115009-03YP115009-03TP215009-03YP2
DISS Male15010-03Y15010-03T15010-03TP115010-03YP115010-03TP215010-03YP2

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