The Timeter® Classic Flowmeter

From Neonates to Adults the entire series of time-tested Classic Flowmeters demonstrates Allied’s unsurpassed knowledge of the needs of care providers and patients alike. You can see it in the performance, time and time again. Every Timeter Classic Flowmeter is engineered and hand-crafted to the highest standards of performance and accuracy, while offering the ultimate durability.

Key Features
  • The front scale, silk-screened onto an acrylic block, is checked for accuracy at critical points against a flowmeter reference standard.
  • The silk-screened back scale on oxygen flowmeters is aligned mirror perfect with the front scale.
  • A serviceable valve assembly allows you to make readjustments quickly with just a slight turn of the valve stem.
  • All bottom outlets are DISS oxygen male.
Back FittingClassic 200 - 200 cc OxygenClassic 1000 - 1000 cc OxygenClassic 0-3 - 3 lpm OxygenClassic 0-16 - 16 lpm OxygenClassic 0-75 - 75 lpm OxygenClassic A-16 - 16 lpm AirClassic A-75 - 75 lpm Air
3/4 "Fitting 1/8" x 1/8"T10118TB211TB60TB10TB30TB20TB40
Chemetron® MaleTZ03-10118TZ03-B211TZ03-B60TZ03-B10TZ03-B30TZ16-B20TZ16-B40
Oxequip® MaleZ01-B60TZ01-B30TI2440-B20TI2440-B40
Ohmeda MaleTZ04-10118TZ04-B211TZ04-B60TZ04-B10TZ04-B30TZ19-B20TZ19-B40
Puritan Bennett MaleTZ02-10118TZ02-B211TZ02-B60TZ02-B10TZ02-B30
DISS Female HandtightTZ12-10118TZ12-B211TZ12-B60TZ12-B10TZ12-B30TZ20-B40
DISS Female HexTZ06-10118TZ06-B211TZ06-B60TZ06-B10TZ06-B30
DISS MaleZ10-B211TZ10-B60TZ10-B10TZ10-B30TZ15-B40

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Allied proudly supports clinicians to enhance their professional development and patient care. We work collaboratively alongside leading specialists to develop products that advance the delivery of their patient’s care.


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