Timeter® Aridyne™ Air Compressors

Designed for bedside use in the hospital or home, the Aridyne air compressor system is a portable replacement or supplement to a piped medical air system.

Aridyne air compressors are hospital-grade systems that generate clean dry air without the need for an external condensation system. Air is delivered through DISS air check valves at 50 psi, with flow rates exceeding 42 lpm. A unique design consisting of chambers, baffles, and a suspended pump ensures that the Aridyne is one of the quietest air compressors on the market.

The system works by drawing and filtering ambient air through the air intake. The air is compressed to 80 psi and then cooled via the internal cooling coils which condense the moisture from the compressed air. The moisture is collected in the condensation trap and automatically drained into the evaporation tray. The cool, dry air is then regulated to 50 psi and delivered to medical devices through multiple outlets.

Key Features
  • Internal condensation trap removes moisture from the air to ensure delivered air is dry
  • Engineered to be one of the quietest medical grade air compressors
  • Suitable for continuous use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Aridyne 2000 models have audible and visual high temperature and low pressure alarms, with DC-powered 6 volt backup
  • Circuit breaker, elapsed time indicator, and thermal overload protector included
  • Air pump inlet filter cleans air and muffles piston noise
PARTModelContinuous Flow*OutletsAlarmsWeightVoltageQTY
TE20Aridyne 200056 lpm*3 air DISSHigh temperature Low pressure157 lbs. 71.2 kg115V/60 Hz1
TE69Aridyne 200056 lpm*3 air DISSHigh temperature Low pressure161 lbs. 72.6 kg220V/50 Hz1
T11604Aridyne 200056 lpm*3 air DISSHigh temperature Low pressure161 lbs. 72.6 kg230V/60 Hz1
TE35AAridyne 350042 lpm**2 air DISSNone90 lbs. 40.8 kg120V/60 Hz1
TE70AAridyne 350042 lpm**2 air DISSNone90 lbs. 40.8 kg220-240V/50-60 Hz1
T10360Aridyne 360042 lpm**2 air DISSNone110 lbs. 49.9 kg120V/60 Hz1
T10360T†Aridyne 3600T42 lpm**2 air DISSNone110 lbs. 49.9 kg120V/60 Hz1

Accessories - Timeter® Aridyne™ Air compressors

T901-405Replacement Intake Air Filter, foam1
12-80-3011Right Angle Adapter, oxygen female DISS inlet & oxygen male DISS outlet1
12-80-3111Air Check Valve Outlet, DISS male x 1/8" NPT male1

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