LSP Aspirators

LSP aspirators, used in conjunction with LSP portable resuscitators, provide a fast, effective method of clearing fluids mucus or foreign objects from a patient’s airway passages in emergency situations. LSP aspirators are designed to operate in conjunction with a portable oxygen cylinder equipped with a pressure regulator, or from a central oxygen source.

L474-010 Disposable Aspirator

Easy to Use

The unit can be operated by sliding the actuator assembly when suction is needed. Simply moving the actuator assembly slide toward the aspirator unit initiates suction, while moving it away from the aspirator turns it off.

Easy to Clear

Covering the aspirator exhaust port with one finger easily clears a catheter during operation.

High Flow Suction

A vacuum of 300 mm Hg in the disposable aspirator provides strong suction capability, which can maintain suction flow of 15 lpm at 50 psi.

Continuous Aspiration

When the aspirator is two-thirds full, simply disconnect it from the actuator assembly, discard appropriately, and attach a new aspirator for continued aspiration.

Continuous Suction

If continuous suction is desired, the actuator assembly may be left in the ON position.

Easy Disposal

The aspirator lid and jar are sealed so that infectious material is contained within a closed system for easy disposal.


The disposable system reduces the exposure to infectious disease that either the medical care provider and the patient may encounter, thus eliminating the need to sterilize or disinfect parts.

L146 Reusable Aspirator

Continuous or Intermittent Suction

The unit can be operated by depressing the control button when suction is needed. If continuous suction is desired, the button may be depressed and turned clockwise to lock it in position for user with a catheter that features a thumb port to control suction.


A vacuum of 400 mm Hg can be maintained.

Easy to Clear

The catheter and/or the venturi can be cleared during use without disassembly by covering the aspirator exhaust port with one finger while depressing the aspirator control button. An overfilled collection jar may be partially emptied by the same procedure.


Anodized aluminum construction allows the unit to withstand harsh weather conditions, chemicals, and corrosive materials. The high impact
collection jar will not break when dropped or stepped on.

Lightweight and Compact

The aspirator fits neatly into the molded plastic resuscitator case, and fits easily into the palm for one-hand operation.

Supply/Operating Pressure

40-60 psig

Operating Temperature

-30°F to 125°F

Storage Temperature

-40°F to 160°F

Flow Suction

15 lpm minimum at 50 psig

Inlet Fitting

Standard male oxygen DISS


L474-010 Disposable Aspirator
Body – glass-filled polypropylene;
8 ounce jar – polypropylene

L146 Reusable Aspirator
Body – anodized aluminum;
8 ounce jar – polypropylene;

L146Reusable Aspirator with catheter & 6' oxygen hose
L146-020Reusable Aspirator with catheter, without hose
L474-010Disposable Aspirator, 10/case
L494Actuator Assembly Slide for L474-010 Disposable Aspirator

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