Electrical & Hose Reels

Electrical and hose reels are designed to allow the operating room staff freedom in the positioning of equipment in the room without using valuable floor space, creating a hazard, or having excess hoses and wires in the work area.

Key Features
  • 12 foot capacity hose reel hub
  • Available for oxygen, nitrous oxide, air, vacuum, WAGD, nitrogen, and electrical receptacles
  • Positive-stop mechanism allows easy pull to desired length where the hose automatically locks
  • Hoses are color coded per NFPA 99 for instant recognition
  • Available with choice of couplers

Select the reel configuration (single, double, triple, etc.):

82-31-1000Single Hose Reel
82-31-2000Double Hose Reel
82-31-3000Triple Hose Reel
82-31-4000Quadruple Hose Reel
82-31-5000Single Electrical Reel
82-31-5100Double Electrical Reel
82-31-5200Triple Electrical Reel
82-31-5300Quadruple Electrical Reel
82-31-54001 Gas x 1 Electrical
82-31-55001 Gas x 2 Electrical
82-31-56001 Gas x 3 Electrical
82-31-57002 Gas x 1 Electrical
82-31-58002 Gas x 2 Electrical
82-31-59003 Gas x 1 Electrical

Select the quantity and type of gas/electric reel assemblies:

82-32-1000Oxygen Reel
82-32-2000Vacuum Reel
82-32-3000Nitrous Oxide Reel
82-32-4000Medical Air Reel
82-32-5000Carbon Dioxide Reel
82-32-6000Nitrogen Reel
82-32-7000WAGD Reel
82-32-8000Electrical Reel

Select the correct couplers and/or electrical devices:

82-33-1000Chemetron Quick Connect, Oxygen
82-33-1001Chemetron Quick Connect, Vacuum
82-33-1002Chemetron Quick Connect, Nitrous Oxide
82-33-1003Chemetron Quick Connect, Medical Air
82-33-1004Chemetron Quick Connect, Carbon Dioxide
82-33-1005Chemetron Quick Connect, WAGD
82-33-2000Oxequip Med*Star, Oxygen
82-33-2001Oxequip Med*Star, Medical Air
82-33-2002Oxequip Med*Star, Vacuum
82-33-2003Oxequip Med*Star, Nitrous Oxide
82-33-2004Oxequip Med*Star, WAGD
82-33-2005Oxequip Med*Star, Carbon Dioxide
82-33-3000Ohio Style, Oxygen
82-33-3001Ohio Style, Medical Air
82-33-3002Ohio Style, Vacuum
82-33-3003Ohio Style, Nitrous Oxide
82-33-3004Ohio Style, WAGD
82-33-3005Ohio Style, Carbon Dioxide
82-33-4000Nitrogen, Dynacon
82-33-4001Nitrogen, Schrader
82-33-500023001-HG Electrical Connector
82-33-50010A Duplex Receptacle with Box

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