Aerosol Therapy Canopies, Air Splints & T.H.O.P Sleeve

Tent canopies are designed to tent manufacturer specifications. Please consult tent manufacturer service manual for proper canopy.

Inflatable air splints are essential for any first aid supply, inflatable air splints provide immediate immobilization of injured limbs. Orally inflated via a screw air valve, the splint doubles as a self-contained tourniquet to stem the flow of blood and promote infection control. Transparent plastic and nylon zipper permit X-rays and constant observation of the injury.


T6308CAM4 Canopy
T6308.1 CAM4 Canopy, 12/case
T6308.2CAM4 Canopy, 48/case
68405Misto2gen® with two 20" vertical and two 36" horizontal zippers, 30/case
68554Ohio Ped Aerosol with two 36" vertical zippers, 30/case
68555Ohio Ped Aerosol with two 20" horizontal zippers, 30/cas

First Aid Splints

S501Half Arm (Adult)
S502Full Arm (Adult)
S503Half Leg (Adult)
S504Full Leg (Adult)
S511Foot & Ankle (Adult)
S512Hand & Wrist (Adult)
S513Foot & Ankle (Child)
S514Hand & Wrist (Child)
S515Half Arm (Child)
S516Full Arm (Child)
S517Half Leg (Child)
S518Full Leg (Child)

Splint Kits

S5004 Splint Kit including 501, 502, 503 & 504
S5206 Splint Kit including 500 Kit PLUS 511 & 512
S5304 Mini Splint Kit (Child) including 515, 516, 517 & 518
S5406 Mini Splint Kit including 530 Kit PLUS 513 & 514

Topical high oxygen pressure sleeve (Extremity use)

64390T.H.O.P. sleeve, 6/case
64393O.E.M. manometer, 0-60mmHg, 1/case

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