Allied Medical are committed to achieving Carbon Net Zero Emissions by 2045.

We are aware that reducing our Greenhouse Gas Emissions represents significant benefits for all of us: our customers, suppliers, environment and the wider community.

Our Carbon Reduction Strategic Plan covers the strategies for Allied Medical’s ongoing commitment to the management and reduction of our business-related carbon emissions. The plan covers the baseline year information, setting clear targets for reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions over key timeframes and listing our planned projects.

The changes will be achieved across the business through a combination of changes in processes and procedures, and behavioural change. We will be working with all of our employees to embrace this plan and work collaboratively to achieve the overall goal of Carbon Net Zero by 2045.


Allied Medical’s environment vision is to be Carbon Net Zero by 2045 whilst continuing to improve the outcomes of the patients, people and communities that we serve by integrating sustainable development into every aspect of our business and operational activities.

We will achieve this through a whole-business change approach, integrating innovation across future product design, and adopting best practice in sustainable development and improvement.


In the development of this Carbon Reduction Strategic Plan, a number of key initiatives have already been initiated enabling Allied Medical to demonstrate reductions in the carbon emissions generated by our activities.

Hybrid Vehicles

Changing the leased car fleet from internal combustion engine (ICE) diesel vehicles to hybrid vehicles.

Travel Reduction

Reduction of corporate travel through the use of digital technology and communication apps & software. 

Solar Panels

Commencement of a project to install solar panels and other carbon reducing activities and technology across the Allied Medical business with cost analysis and supplier selection currently underway.

Waste Reduction

Introduction of a waste reduction initiative across the business with recycling points within every department.

Sustainability Champions

Launch of the “Sustainability Champions” with representatives from each department collaborating on internal employee-led initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.

LED Lighting

Implementation of LED lights across the offices with auto off switches in permissible areas..

Ink Reduction

Reduction of inks used on product cartons.

Removing PVC

Development of products which remove the composition of PVC.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Sustainability Committee is responsible for the strategic leadership, delivery, and execution of the plan. In 2023 the Strategic Sustainability Committee will be supported by a new dedicated role focused on Sustainable Change & Implementation Strategies.

The core focus for Scope 3 emissions will be:

  • Packaging Recycling: to achieve 100% of reusable, compostable or recycled materials.
  • Reduction of PVC: to design out the use of PVC in new products.
  • Waste Reduction: To define and implement solutions that reclaim, recycle and reduce the impact of single use clinical plastics.
  • Evaluate the sustainable impact of reusable devices.
  • Culture: Ongoing employee learning and behaviour change. A program will be created to raise the environmental awareness for all Flexicare employees, contractors, and interns/apprenticeships.
  • Carbon Capture

The timetable for change is anticipated to have accelerated change in the first 4 years from 2023 to 2026, with integrated rolling changes taking place.

The significant impact on carbon emission reduction will be realised in its largest forms from 2025 to 2045.

Tell us what you think

We’re open to new ideas about how we can approach sustainable, safe medical devices that protect our patients, clinicians and planet.

If you have a suggestion based on your experience within the medical field, then please get in touch with us.