We Are Allied Medical LLC

21st November 2023

Allied Medical LLC, a newly formed US subsidiary, part of the Flexicare group of companies has acquired the assets of Allied Healthcare Products Inc. (AHPI)

AHPI was a stock listed medical devices manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in the medical devices industry supported by two facilities, the first and largest being in St Louis, Missouri and second in Stuyvesant Falls, NY. With renewed investment in its manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure, Allied Medical will continue to offer and support its loyal customer base in delivering quality, service and value.

This latest acquisition expands the product portfolio into new areas such as Medical Gas Systems, Emergency Products , Transport Ventilators ,Suction Regulators and Aspirators CO2 Absorbent and Home Healthcare products with well established brands such as Chemetron, Gomco, Lif-O-Gen, Timeter, Schuco, Vacutron, B&F Medical, Carbolime and LithoLyme.

For further information on Allied Medical please visit www.alliedmedicalllc.com

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