Our history dates back to the 1930s as the medical service of National Cylinder Gas (NCG) in Chicago. NCG produced gases in cylinders and sold them to hospitals in the 1930s and early 1940s. These cylinders had to be transported from floor to floor where needed.

In order to eliminate the use of heavy cylinders and the risks associated with handling them, the innovative Chemetron® medical gas piping system was developed in 1947 to direct medical gases from an external source to the point of use. 

In June 1977, Chemetron acquired Gomco®, a recognized and leading manufacturer of portable aspirators and portable surgical, post-operative and home care drainage pumps. Our new position meant an alliance of some of the most established healthcare products and trade names, prompting us to adopt the name Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. in 1980.

Through subsequent acquisitions, we became a world-class provider of medical gas delivery systems, which play a critical role in patient care by regulating and monitoring the flow of medical gases.

Allied has sought to strengthen its position as a leader in medical gases, respiratory therapy and emergency medical products here and around the world, and to develop strong partnerships with leading research universities, both for the development of new products and for the improvement of existing products. 

In 2023, Allied Healthcare Products was acquired by Flexicare (Group) Limited, a leading designer and global provider of innovative medical devices.

Our Vision and Values

At Allied, we have redefined our vision, mission and values to align them with our exceptional growth and our strategic targets, emphasising our commitment to provide solutions for a wide range of healthcare environments and promoting positive patient outcomes.

Our Vision

Inspiring confidence, empowering clinical excellence.

Our Mission

Pioneering sustainable innovations to advance clinical therapies, improving patient care.

Our Values

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We are driven to provide intuitive solutions that promote clinical confidence and enhances patient care.

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We take an ethical approach to design and development, ensuring sustainability for our future.

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We proudly support the ever-changing needs of our healthcare environment.


We foster a spirit of personal growth that creates a positive and inclusive culture.

Committed to quality


Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. is committed to the needs, wants, and desires of our customers; past, present, and future in the markets we serve.  Our goal is to effectively serve our customers by providing products in the requested time-frame, in the ordered quantity, defect free and functional for the expected life-span.  We will meet these commitments by continually improving our Quality Management System, objectives and our processes to meet applicable regulatory requirements.

Supplier Whistleblowing Policy

We recognise that effective and honest communication is essential. Our Supplier Whistleblowing Policy provides guidance to anybody who wishes to raise a concern regarding any of our Suppliers or Contractors.

If you have any concerns that one of our Suppliers or Contractors may have breached any of their local legal, regulatory or LSAS obligations please immediately report those concerns to us.


Modern Slavery Act Statement

As a privately owned, manufacturer and supplier of medical devices in the healthcare sector, we recognise the importance of the human rights of all those involved in the design, manufacture, and distribution of our products.

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ISO 14001 Environmental Management

As a global supplier of single-use medical devices, we are committed to implementing ISO 14001 Environmental Standard in 2022. Due to the usage of our products in hospitals, we are unable to recycle many of our products due to cross contamination, but where possible, we are working on making change to reduce the Environmental impacts.

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Carbon Reduction Plan

Modern Slavery Act Statement

Quality Policy

Privacy Statement

GDPR Policy

DEHP Precautions/Risks

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Single Use Devices Risks of Reuse

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